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KSUKE is one of the finest music producers from Japan, whose works as a producer of Game Music, member of a rock band and of course as well as DJ at biggest festivals around the world showcase his vast talent that encompasses today’s multi faucets of entertainment worldwide. In March 2015, KSUKE singed with Warner Music International and ever since, he’s not only worked on his own music but also on numerous remixes of other Japanese and non-Japanese artists.

Especially, KSUKE’s track “Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)” has been featured as the opening theme song for the popular animation “God Of High School” that saw the worldwide simultaneous release and 3.8 billion views to date.  And as a result, the song’s streams sored high on such services as Spotify, Apple Music and is nearing 10 million streams in short period of time.

In July 2020, “Gurenge -KSUKE REMiX-”, KSUKE’s REMiX of LiSA’s “Grenge” which is the opening theme song for the animation “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” has been featured on TV spot for TOYOTA Motor Corporation’s automobile AQUA and its TV spot with the theme “Made In Japan” caused a buzz around the globe.

Also, as such songs as “Nothing But You” (featured on TV spot for Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza in 2019), “Favorite Mistake” featured as ULTRA JAPAN theme song (2018), “Breathe Again” (2016) featuring Amber, a member of famous K-Pop group f(x), are known as KSUKE’s trademark tracks.

KSUKE’s remix works for non-Japanese artists include Major Lazer & DJ Snake / Lean On (feat. MØ) – Ksuke Remix, and AGNEZ MO / Overdose ft. Chris Brown – Ksuke Remix which was released on US based established label 300 Entertainment and caused a wide buzz.
And in Japan too, KSUKE has worked on the remixes for wide range of artists and genre, from the bands to idols, as such as MAN WITH A MISSION, Ken Hirai, Maximum The Hormone, Crossfaith, Shota Shimizu, etc.  

When talking about KSUKE, we cannot miss the Game factor – which is the very core of his identity. Ever since his appearance as a panel at TOKYO GAME SHOW, he’s been tapping into Game field aggressively. Making his longtime dream come true, KSUKE has contributed his own tracks to the legendary game KONAMI’s BEATMANIA Series for 2 consecutive years and the acclaim from Game fans led KSUKE to do yet another collaboration song in the end of 2019 with E Sports’ Japan team, SCARZ.
Plus, in 2020, KSUKE took part in a collaboration release by Maximum The Hormone and Aina The End from BiSH that is known as a punk-band-without-instrumentals for Square Enix’ smart phone based rhythm game “SHOW BY ROCK!! Fes A Live”, making KSUKE widely known in the Game field.

At the same time, KSUKE is causing a bug buzz as a member of the Rock band. KSUKE has joined a band KORONANAMOREMOMO, a band spawned from an extraordinary Japanese Rock band Maximum The Hormone’s project. And under the name DJ DANGER×DEER, he’s not only been active as a band member but also worked on a remix of their 1st single “Koino Megaraba/Hocho, Hasami, Cutter, Dosu, Kiri” which scored the debut at No.4 on Oricon Single chart and 8.7 million views on YouTube. In addition, within its 1st year since the debut, KORONANAMOREMOMO appeared on numerous major Japanese festivals as such as Rock In Japan, Summer Sonic, Countdown Japan, etc. to name a few.

It’s obvious that KSUKE’s works as a producer is well beyond the average and are crossing so many spectrum.  And it is the skill and the experiences he mastered over the years as the DJ that are making all this possible.
KSUKE’s energetic DJ style has charmed many audiences across the world and led him to No. 1 position on DJMAG JAPAN ranking.  
Participation at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in numerous countries, DJ gigs at top clubs in Las Vegas (XS NightClub, LightNightClub, HAKKASAN), appearance at Universal Studio Japan’s Count Down for 4 years in a row, invitations to big clubs in Asian countries are merely the evidences of KSUKE’s popularity as a Japanese DJ with worldwide demand.

KSUKE indeed is a very unique music producer and definitely is the one to watch right now.