【News】World-renowned Japanese DJ, KSUKE to release his new single “POOL”. 

*Out now !! >> KSUKE / POOL feat. Meron Ryan

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Preview >> https://soundcloud.com/ksuke_jpn/pool

前作AMBER from f(x)とのシングルが世界中で話題となった KSUKEが約1年ぶりに新曲「POOL」を発表!
女性Vo. Meron Ryanをfeatに起用し、KSUKEとしては初となるド真ん中サマー・チューンのリリースとなる。
どこか切なさを残すポップなメロディーがクセになるFuture Trapサウンドは、この夏の代名詞的楽曲になることは間違いなし!また、この楽曲は発売前にすでにKSUKE本人が世界中のフェスやナイトクラブでDJプレイしており、ファンの中ではすでにフロア・アンセムとしリリースが待望されていたウワサの1曲となる。

皆さんの心の中にある夏を想い浮かべながら、この楽曲が今から迎える素晴らしい夏の思い出に残りますように!by KSUKE」

This year is set to be a big year for Ksuke, as the Japanese superstar DJ/ recording producer reaches deep in and delivers his brand new track “POOL”.
Ksuke is finally back after one year from the time he released his chart-topping track “AMBER f (x).
“POOL” arrives on the 16th of June and will features vocals from Meron Ryan.
This track will definitely display Ksuke’s signature production style with a hint of the future trap beat. This exceptional track will definitely become this year’s summer anthem.
Ksuke has already started teasing the track around the World at festivals and at club gigs. His fans are dying for the track to be released as they know it will be the anthem of the dance floor.

“My favorite season, summer is on its way and I hope everyone will make the most out of this beautiful season.
Imagine the splashing water and the sun in your eyes. Summer gives us so much love and joy. I hope those memories will keep living in my track, “POOL”. – Ksuke

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